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This website project is dedicated to telling the stories of the engineers, recording studio facilities and the technologies behind the development of the popular music that we have come to love and to cherish since the end of the Second World War. The purpose of this educational website project is to connect the people who love popular music to the people, places, and also, the technologies that have been instrumental in creating it.

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Legends in the Studio

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With this educational website project, I would like to take the time to honor the recording studio engineers who made a difference in my life and career and whose work and dedication have served to give us some of the greatest hit songs in the history of popular music. In this section, you can find articles that will discuss the life and career of each of the recording studio engineers who have been honored on the educational website project. Each engineer will have an article that will discuss each of the following topics: their life and career, the music that they have engineered and their impact and legacy. If I have had the opportunity to work with the engineer that is being honored, then there will also be a separate article which will discuss what it was like to work with them on a recording session.  

Featured Engineers

David Thoener

Steve Marcantonio

Podcast Appearance--

Mindy Peterson's-- The Enhance Life With Music Podcast: Episode 132: The Secret Life of a Recording Studio Engineer w/John Long. (This link opens in Spotify, but you can easily find her fabulous podcast on any of the major podcast applications.)

Historic Studios

It is an important component of the mission of The Recording Session Vault educational website project is to put a spotlight on the legendary and historic recording studio facilities where so many of the great hit songs of the past have been produced.

Studio Spotlight

Ardent Recording Studios

The Technologies Behind the Music

At the Recording Session Vault educational website project, I put a spotlight on both the people and companies that make the fabulous products that allow producers, engineers and recording studio facilities to be able to record the wonderful popular music that we have come to love and to cherish. 

In the Recording Session Vault educational website project, you will find feature articles about the consoles, outboard gear units and microphones which have made an impact on the production of popular music. 

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Each visitor to the site has full access to our educational blog. The blog is designed to address the questions of those who love popular music about the process of music production.

Podcast Episodes

David Thoener: The Legend Behind the Console and the MusicThe Recording Session Vault
00:00 / 13:20

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