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Engineering Legend

David Thoener

Since 1973, David Thoener has been a legendary recording studio engineer. He has almost 600 career album credits to his name. His credits include: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Brooks and Dunn, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, Dan Hill, Faith Hill, Heart, The Hooters, The J.Geils Band, Jaguares, Jason Mraz, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Waite, Matchbox Twenty, Meat Loaf, Michael Bolton, Miyuki Nakajima, Ricardo Arjona, Rob Thomas, Rodney Crowell, Roseanne Cash, Santana, Wheatus and Willie Nelson, and this is just a small sampling of his incomparable discography. He has won three Grammy-Awards for his engineering work. Though his work needs no introduction, let me introduce you to the life and career of my friend and a true legend, David Thoener.

A Gallery of Gold and Platinum Albums

David Thoener is an engineering legend whose work has resulted in both gold and platinum albums for a number of artists. The photographic collection featured below has images of a selection of some of the albums that he has worked on that have been highly successful. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the highly successful albums that he has worked on during his legendary career in engineering, but it does represent a small sample of his work. The collection includes the following gold and platinum albums from his legendary career presented to you in the photo gallery below:

Freezeframe-- The J. Geils Band

Emotions in Motion-- Billy Squire

Uh-Huh-- John Cougar Mellencamp

Smashes, Thrashes and Hits-- KISS

No Brakes-- John Waite

Farenheit 7800-- Bon Jovi

Cher-- Cher

Pandora's Box-- Aerosmith

Get a Grip-- Aerosmith

Big Ones-- Aerosmith

I'll Lead You Home-- Michael W. Smith

Bat Out of Hell II-- Meat Loaf

River of Dreams-- Billy Joel

Live- 30th Anniversary-- Bob Dylan

The Armageddon Soundtrack-- Aerosmith

Supernatural-- Santana

(All of the photographs in the collection appear through the courtesy of Mr. David Thoener.)

Santana-- Supernatural
Bob Dylan-- Live 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration
Armageddon-- Aerosmith- Global Sales Award Discs
Meatloaf-- Multi-Platinum Award for David Thoener Given by the Artist-- 1993
Michael W. Smith-- I'll Lead You Home
Billy Joel-- River of Dreams
Aerosmith-- Big Ones
Aerosmith- Get a Grip
Aerosmith-- Pandora's Box
Cher-- Gold Album w_note
J. Geils Band-- Freeze Frame
Billy Squire-- Emotions in Motion
KISS- Smashes, Thrashes and Hits
John Cougar Mellencamp- Uh-Huh
John Waite-- No Brakes
Bon Jovi-- 7800 Farenheit

Enjoy the Music from the Articles About the Life and Career of Legendary Recording Studio Engineer
David Thoener

With either the Apple Music, the Spotify or the YouTube playlist, you can listen to the music from the groups and artists who were listed in the articles that have been written about the life and career of the legendary recording studio engineer, David Thoener. From 1973- to the present, David Thoener, has engineered some of the greatest and most memorable songs in the history of popular music. Each of these very special playlists feature an extensive collection of songs that he has chosen for you to enjoy.

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Podcast Episodes

Click to listen to the podcast episode about the life and career of David Thoener, our legendary recording studio engineer in the spotlight on The Recording Session Vault educational website project. You can find our podcast episodes on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or iHeart Radio. 

Special Thanks and Acknowledgement

I would like to take a moment to thank Mr. David Thoener for his time, energy and immense contributions to the development of popular music over the course of his life and career. It is an honor to be able to take the time to honor him.

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