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Sweetwater Sound



Sweetwater Sound is a true giant in the world of professional music recording. As a company, it is a retailer that sells professional recording equipment, instruments and equipment for live sound applications. This retailer has been in business since 1979 and has a website where customers can purchase products and a brick and mortar store where items may be bought, as well. The company also produces a famed mail-order catalog, too


How did the legendary engineers of the past use the products that are highlighted in this article from Sweetwater Sound? 


It is not just legendary engineers who purchase products from Sweetwater Sound, it is also a retailer that counts hobbyists, musicians, artists and producers among its customers. Plus, the company also sells their products to both educational and government institutions, as well. The company employs a large number of specialists, engineers, technicians and musicians who make up the core of its staff. The company also does try to establish long-term relationships with its customers in lieu of the fact that their purchases are long-term investments. The company does sell demo units, as well, however, it does not often sell used or vintage professional audio equipment.

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Selection and Service


Sweetwater Sound offers a tremendous selection of new products for its customers. The company is famed for the ease in which potential customers can find a wide variety of products. Unlike chain retailers, Sweetwater Sound has a single brick and mortar location in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company offers services that are quite extensive— educational, technical and financial, so that a wide variety of customer needs can be met by the company. Their customer service is legendary.

Image: The Sweetwater Sound Website

Image courtesy-- Sweetwater Sound

Why should an educational institution invest in products from Sweetwater Sound?


Since its establishment in 1979, Sweetwater Sound has provided services for educational institutions. It has provided equipment, instruments and expertise to educational institutions throughout its history. When you purchase a product from the company, you instantly become a customer for life and are assigned a sales consultant who will work with you throughout the process of acquiring either the equipment or services that your institution may require. The company has an extensive reach and has worked throughout its history with educational institutions at every level— K-12 public schools, private schools, colleges, universities and trade schools. Their commitment to customer service has both a welcome personal and professional touch that makes the company unique and a place where customers across the spectrum of the industry continue to purchase products for their businesses, institutions or to meet their professional needs. 


The following link will take you to the Sweetwater Sound website where you can learn more about this amazing company and see more of their fabulous products. 


Sweetwater Sound


Special Note: Each of the images in this article appear through the courtesy and generosity of the wonderful people at Sweetwater Sound.


Special Thanks— At The Recording Session Vault Educational Website Project, we would like to take a moment to express our thanks and appreciation to Sean O’Neil at Sweetwater Sound for his time and assistance with this article.

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