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His firm is one of the greatest recording studio design firms in the world. He has designed world class recording studio facilities for artists, musicians and producers. When world-class recording studio facilities need their rooms tuned, their facilities upgraded or are eyeing the process of expanding their operations, they will start with his firm. Steven Durr and his amazing team have been designing world-class recording studio facilities for more than forty years. His team has worked on legendary recording facilities to update them and tune their rooms. His team has also designed and developed brand new recording studio facilities.


What services from Steven Durr Designs were used by the great engineers and recording studio facilities of the past that would be a great fit for the educational space?


Though it has been mentioned above in the introduction, recording studio facilities often use their services to tune their rooms or to upgrade their facilities. There are times where legendary recording studio facilities have expanded into new buildings or spaces that at one point were never intended for the purpose of recording music. His firm has taken these spaces and repurposed them, so that new rooms for recording great music can be added to existing facilities. 

Recording Studio Design


Recording studio design is both an art and a process. Steven Durr Designs has been working with customers on every step of the process of creating or upgrading their facilities for more than forty years. Creating a space where engineers can listen critically and a space where musicians, engineers and performers can work together is critical and the job of a recording studio design firm. Developing a place where a console, racks of equipment, a computer and the necessary power supplies can be together, but not hinder the creative process of making music is the job of a recording studio design firm. It may be that you wish to develop a recording studio, but it is the job of the recording studio designer to take your vision and turn it into a reality. The images below showcase some of the work that has been done by Steven Durr Designs. More of their work and links to the facilities that they have worked with as clientele can be found on their website. 

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 10.50.28 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 10.55.50 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 10.51.32 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 10.52.51 PM.png

Images: (from left to right) Castle Row Recording Studios, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; The Library of Congress Listening Room, Culpepper, Virginia; The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa, Nashville, Tennessee and Brighter Shade Studios, Atlanta, Georgia

Images courtesy-- Steven Durr Designs

Why should an educational institution invest in services from Steven Durr Designs?


Schools who wish to design recording studio or multimedia facilities often reach out to architects or designers to simply just construct a space. But, creating a space for the purpose of creating music is best done by reaching out to a recording studio designer who understands the acoustical needs, the spatial requirements and the long-term challenges of both electrical wiring and ventilation that the structure will have to endure. Steven Durr Designs has been doing this work for legendary recording studio facilities and has an extensive list of successfully designed facilities and long-term clients. 


The following link will take you to the Steven Durr Designs website where you can learn more about this legendary design firm and also, find out more about their fabulous design work.


Steven Durr Designs


Special Note: Each of the images in this article appear through the courtesy and generosity of the wonderful people at Steven Durr Designs.

Special Thanks— At The Recording Session Vault Educational Website Project, we would like to take a moment to express our thanks and appreciation to Steven Durr at Steven Durr Designs for his time and assistance with this article. 

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