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Mark of the Unicorn



Mark of the Unicorn, or MOTU for short, has been a company that has offered state of the art professional products for the world of music recording since the early 1980s. In fact, MOTU produced Digital Performer, one of the first true digital audio workstation software programs in 1985. As a company, it is one of the true pioneers in the process of digital recording. Today, the company produces an array of interfaces and software programs for the world of professional music recording. The company is not just known for its pioneering and innovative products, but also for its friendly staff and its tremendous dedication to its loyal customers.


Which products from MOTU that were used by the great engineers and recording studio facilities of the past would be a great fit for the educational space?


MOTU products have been used since the mid-1980s for the process of music recording. Their interfaces are some of the very best in the world of professional music recording and the company offers a wide array of them. The company makes interfaces that would be great for multimedia production, podcasting or making music at home. However, the company also makes excellent interfaces which can turn your computer into a virtual recording studio, too. Plus, keep in mind, their flagship software program, Digital Performer is one of the very best digital audio workstation software programs to ever be designed for the purpose of making great music. 

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Image: The MOTU 16A Interface

Image courtesy-- MOTU



MOTU has always pioneered new products and the 16A interface is no exception. It was the world’s first Thunderbolt audio interface. It features 16 TRS analog inputs and outputs. It can be used an interface or as a flexible patchbay for your operations. It is an excellent interface that is extremely versatile— keep in mind that another 16A or even other MOTU interfaces can be connected to it, giving you even more inputs and outputs for doing your work. It is also compatible with any major digital audio workstation software program.  

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Images: The MOTU 24ai/24ao 

Interface Tandem

Image courtesy-- MOTU

MOTU 24ai/24ao


The MOTU 24ai/24ao interfaces work in tandem with one another and can be integrated with other interface offerings from the company lineup or with other 24ai/24ao units. In fact, with a special switch, up to five MOTU interface units can be interconnected with one another. Having MOTU interfaces can give you both tremendous flexibility and versatility. The 24ai/24ao units offer 24 channels of pristine analog conversion through 24 analog inputs with the 24ai, while its sibling the 24ao offers 24 analog outputs. This pair of MOTU interfaces sound fantastic, offer unparalleled interconnectivity and are compatible with any major digital audio workstation software program.

MOTU Digital Performer


Digital Performer was one of the first true digital audio workstation software programs and it remains one of the very best to ever be produced for the purpose of producing great music. Digital Performer is easy to use and can allow you to record, edit and mix music files with ease. But, what makes Digital Performer so special is that it is such a powerful program for music creation. It is perhaps the most powerful and versatile digital audio workstation software program in the world of professional music recording and production. It is an excellent program for the educational space.

Image: MOTU Digital Performer

Image courtesy-- MOTU

Why should an educational institution invest in products from MOTU?


MOTU products are incredibly versatile, easy to use and durable, plus they are backed by a company which has been making great products for music creation for more than forty years. The company backs up its innovative products with excellent service and customer support. MOTU is a small company that has always had a tremendous commitment to the education space. Their hardware is well-designed and engineered. Digital Performer is an amazing tool for music recording and or creation. The product offerings from MOTU are not just some of the very best in the world of professional music recording, but some of the very best for the educational space, too. It is also worth mentioning that the company offers tremendous educational programs— both webinars and tutorials for their products. 


If you would like more information about MOTU and the amazing products that were discussed in this article, please use the following links which are listed below.



MOTU 24ai/ao

MOTU Digital Performer


The following link will take you to the MOTU website where you can learn more about this legendary corporation and also, find an authorized dealer for their fabulous products in your area.




Special Note: Each of the images in this article appear through the courtesy and generosity of the wonderful people at MOTU.


Special Thanks— At The Recording Session Vault Educational Website Project, we would like to take a moment to express our thanks and appreciation to Jim Cooper at MOTU for his time and assistance with this article. 

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