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Recording Session


Company Spotlights

AES Pro Audio and Mara Machines

On the Recording Session Vault educational website project, I feature companies that make the fabulous products that allow producers, engineers and recording studio facilities to be able to record the wonderful popular music that we have come to love and to cherish. AES Pro Audio is a fabulous company, based in the United Kingdom that restores and refurbishes custom Neve and SSL consoles and creates mini consoles, sidecars and channel strips for recording studio facilities around the world. Mara Machines is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and restores and refurbishes analog tape machine for recording studio facilities and mastering houses around the globe. 

Special Thanks and Acknowledgement

I want to take a moment to thank the following individuals for their generosity, time and support: Michael Stockdale of AES Pro Audio and both Chris Mara and Peter Tissot of Mara Machines.

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