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The Augspurger lineup of main monitoring systems is among the very best in the world of professional music recording. Their monitors are custom made and designed for recording studio facilities at every level. The brainchild of George Augspurger, the company is well-known for creating large-scale speaker systems for recording studio facilities around the globe. You can find their main monitoring systems in recording studios that cater to some of the greatest artists, engineers, musicians and producers in the world. 


How did the legendary engineers of the past use the products that are highlighted in this article from Augspurger? 


The Augspurger lineup has been well-known in recording studio circles for quite some time. If you step back to the 1980s, large-scale main monitoring systems were just beginning to become more important to the process of recording music. It was George Augspurger and other great engineering minds who would create the pristine systems that we take for granted in music recording today. Today, the Augspurger monitoring systems and the company which produces them is a member of the umbrella of companies owned and managed by one of the greatest minds in the professional music recording world today— Dave Malekpour. 

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Image: Augspurger

Image courtesy-- Augspurger

Main Monitoring Systems


Augspurger produces main monitoring systems, which are typically large-scale speaker systems. However, the company produces speaker cabinets of various sizes which are custom built to order and can come in a wide variety of colors or finishes. You can find Augspurger main monitoring systems in some of the finest recording studios in the world. Due to the nature of installing main monitoring systems, which is dependent upon the size of your room, its acoustic properties and the needs of your facility, it is best to speak with the wonderful people at Augspurger about which system would be the best for addressing your specific needs. 

Why should an educational institution invest in products from Augspurger?


In the educational space, Augspurger main monitoring systems would be an excellent addition for any recording studio facility. The company makes custom built products because each and every room is different acoustically and by dimension— this also includes custom colors and finishes as mentioned earlier. As a company owned by Dave Malekpour (who also owns and manages Pro Audio Design or PAD), Augspurger is well-known for its customer service and educational or consulting programs. Due to the nature of selecting and installing main monitors in any recording studio space, it is my recommendation that if you are interested in a pair of main monitors or in an array of monitors for your recording studio space that you contact the company directly or speak with your recording studio designer. 


The following link will take you to the Augspurger website where you can learn more about this amazing company and see more of their fabulous products. 




Special Note: Each of the images in this article appear through the courtesy and generosity of the wonderful people at Augspurger.


Special Thanks— At The Recording Session Vault Educational Website Project, we would like to take a moment to express our thanks and appreciation to Dave Malekpour at Augspurger for his time and assistance with this article.

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